Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Releases

Yo..It's been awhile since I've updated this. I've been really busy with a lot of mental health stuff as well as playing in Silence. So a lot has happened since the first release on here. 
Also I'm down to one copy of the Ba'ad Trip - Obsessed with Death tape. 

So here's what's up...

The SAP tape is out NOW! 

This EP rips! Total anarcho hardcore punk. A lot has changed with the band, the guitarist is studying abroad in the UK so Scotty(the vocalist) now plays guitar and Rayne(from Human Petting Zoo) took over vocal duties. They want to record another EP soon with Rayne doing vocals and I'm sure I'll be helping out to release it. 
Tape comes with a zine with lyrics n'at compiled by Scotty.

Also out now is the Ba'ad Trip - Last Four EPs tape. 

This tape combines the 25 songs from the Kill Me Dead ep, Obsessed with Death ep, Ride or Die ep, Vile//Lent ep and one song that was on a comp. 
As of right now Ba'ad Trip is on a brief hiatus. 

This is limited to 25 tapes on transparent tangerine tapes. Hand painted label on the tape by me. 
Comes with a sticker of the artwork that was done by Dustin McChesney

Another thing I worked on but didn't really release is a tape for the band I drum in, Silence
This is a live recording from a radio show we played back in December 2015. 

We will have these on tour along with our debut LP thats on Profane Existence
Limited to 50 tapes. 14 Tracks. Layout and dubbing by me. Hand painted label by me. 

I just released the newest issue of Root Breath Zine. 

If you're not familiar with this zine it's comics, drawings and album reviews I do. This is a 46 page combo of all the zines I've put out, When I started Root Breath I would just take stacks of them to punk spots and leave them. So I wanted to make it easy for people to see everything I've done so far. 
It comes with a mixtape of my favorite current punk jams. 

The last thing I have in the works for early summer is the Depressed Tape. 
This is a recording project of mine that I'm working on getting a band together to start writing and playing with. 
Total raw blasting hardcore. Short songs about being queer, mental illness, current politics, and so on.

This will be limited to 25 tapes with a lyric sheet of explanations of the songs. 
Keep an eye out. I'm going to do this after I get back from tour in June and hopefully we'll start touring.

Here's the stuff I've got in my distro. 

Big Crux - We Got a Jam!
Boy Scouts - Boy Scouts for Girls
The Bug - What's Buggin You?
Flesh Cloud - 10 Tracks
G.L.O.S.S. - Demo (Second Press)
Sputter - Demo

Against Empire/Auktion - Split
Big Zit - Lectric Zit
Blood Pressure - Demo ep
Blood Red - See Something Say Something
Concealed Blade - Demo ep
EEL - S/T ep
Killer of Sheep - Out of Time
Lecherous Gaze - Bagagazo
No Time - S/T ep
Sin Orden - Ha Llegado El Momento
Strutter - S/T EP

Blood Pressure - Need To Control
Hounds of Hate - Hate Springs Eternal

That's all for here right now. If Silence is in yer area come hang out and buy some tapes. I'll have everything with me! Here's a link to the dates.
Let's fucking party. La Croix for life. Up the queer skate punx.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Punky is born.....First release

Yo..I'm King Rat aka Punky. This is the new tape label I started. 
I've been putting out limited runs of tapes since 2010 under the label name Rat Tail Horde.

I mainly released stuff from bands I was directly involved with and close friends bands. 
Now five years later I'm deciding to use a different moniker and I'm a lot more serious about the direction of this label

I'm still going to release my bands stuff but I want to get into releasing a lot more. 
Eventually I want to start doing 7"s as well. 

So the first release for this label is my band Ba'ad Trip. This new tape is a lot more psych driven.

If you aren't familiar with Ba'ad Trip it's a one person lofi garage punk band I started doing January 2013. It's now a live band but I still record everything myself.

To order this tape hit up my Etsy store. Theres more releases from Rat Tail Horde in there too. 

Keep checking back here and the bandcamp page for info on upcoming releases. There's going to be a ton. 


Next up....SAP Tape. Raging anarcho punk from Kent,Ohio